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News - Aug 25th 2009 has moved to a new server. If anything is broken post on the forums.
Thanks, AdamC
News - Mar 2nd 2009
The new look is now live. If you see any errors post them on the forums. Check back for more to come and don't forget to tell your friends about firework showmaker!!!

Thanks again to lhs_azevedo for the images.
News - Feb 23rd 2009
Coming soon... is getting a new look, thanks to lhs_azevedo who is making the new images.
News - Feb 10th 2009
Firework Showmaker has sound!!! You can now add sounds to your fireworks. Check the forums for ways to update the fireworks in your shows. The firework editor interface has also been redone. Post comments on it in the forums.
News - Jan 19th 2009
Welcome to Come design firework shows that you can share with the world. After you register you will be able to upload and download fireworks that you have created as well as your shows. The forums are open so post any questions you have there. This is still in beta so please post any bugs you find in the forums.

Thanks for checking out my program and I can't wait to see your creations.
Updates (02/17/09)
  • Edited the way sounds are played
  • Added a sound on/off check box to show viewer (02/10/09)
  • Redesigned the firework editor interface
  • Added sounds for firework
  • Added more particle types
  • Added strobe effect for particles
  • Added export firework function
  • Added update function for firework import (12/18/08)
  • Fixed some bugs in Show Editor
  • "New Show" button now works
  • You can now change the shows background (color and add an image)
  • Firework Show Viewer is now live (12/11/08)
  • Firework Show Editor is now live
  • Added firework import function
  • Changed so page closing prompt only happens if there is unsaved data (11/13/08)
  • Added start screen
  • Added firework's description
  • Increased particle's friction so they slow down quicker (11/12/08)
  • Fixed particle lifetime bug
  • Added copy firework
  • Added delete firework
  • Made tool tips easier to read and added more info (11/11/08)
  • Added copy/paste components
  • Fixed particle lifetime bug
  • Added closing window confirm box
  • Fixed some particle component bugs (11/02/08)
  • Fixed component name change bug
  • Fixed component child bug
  • Fixed firework name change bug
  • Fixed firework type change bug (10/25/08)
  • Hosted firework show-maker!!!!
Future Additions
I will add more additions here as I get feedback on the forums. If you would like to see something in the program post it on the forums and it could end up on this list. I am not promising any deadlines for when the additions will happen since I am still in school and have other projects to work on. As long as people are interested in the program I will keep updating it and the website.
  • More language support

Firework Showmaker Program
How do I start the Firework Showmaker Game?
You can start Firework Showmaker by clicking the "Play Firework Showmaker" at the top of the screen. This will open the game in a new window.

Why do I have to accept a security file when playing Firework Showmaker?
In order to save and load fireworks and shows the java applet must be able to read and write to your computer. The program will never read or write anything except the files you tell it to.

Where do fireworks and shows get saved?
Fireworks and Shows get saved to your computer's hard drive. The default save location is your "My Documents" folder for Windows(your "home" folder for other operating systems).

Where can I find help for making fireworks or shows?
You can look at the tutorials for editing fireworks and shows or look in the forums for more help.

Uploading Fireworks or Shows
How do I upload fireworks or shows?
You have to be logged in to upload fireworks or shows. After logging in you can click the "Manage Your Fireworks" and "Manage Your Shows" links to upload, remove, or update fireworks and shows.

Is there a limit to the number of fireworks or length of the shows?
Currently there is no limit but that could changed depending on server quota.

What is the background image file for in the shows?
In the Firework Showmaker game you have the option to set an image as the background. In order to get the image to play with your show on the website you have to upload it too.

Downloading Fireworks or Watching Shows
How do I download fireworks?
In order to download fireworks from other users you must create and log into an account. There will be a download link at the bottom of each firework result.

Where do I save the downloaded firework file?
You can save the file wherever you want. The default folder the game looks at is your "My Documents" folder for Windows(your "home" folder for other operating systems).